Ремейк "Чекиста" в 3D

Фотки, 3D, малюнки і т. і.
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Re: Ремейк "Чекиста" в 3D

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Re: Ремейк "Чекиста" в 3D

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earlbrooks wrote: Thu Dec 02, 2021 9:49 pm Dear friend Anna,

I hope not to offend your Chekist subject line.
No wish to take over, you are the boss here.

- - - -

There is a new discovery, like the Chekist in the year 2035.
Future scene where unwanted androids are chosen for execution.
Masses of men women and children androids are forced to strip naked.
Assume their naked colors, and executed.
Their naked corpses are loaded upon large trucks and shipped off.

See photos and link below. - sharing Earl
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