My slave role

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My slave role

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Oh no!
You've been kidnapped and brought to the Mansion of Broken Dolls where you must serve as a slave. Of all the bad luck. Well, there's nothing for it. There's no hope for escape now.

All new slaves must be assigned a role before they can be trained to serve. However, the roles of slaves in the Mansion are randomly assigned; your fate lies entirely in the tiles that will be drawn from a pair of large round fishbowls. What they say, you must be.

Don't complain, it's tradition! And you're in no position to buck tradition. The Headmistress will draw your tiles for you, since you're bound to a chair and can't draw them yourself. Now, with trepidation, you must learn what role the tiles have chosen for you...

Slave Assignment: Naked Exotic Dancer

Oh my, an exotic dancer! How sweet. Hope you love to dance. If not, you’ll learn to love it at the end of a whip. Why be a dancer? Well, can one ever have enough pretty, writhing forms delighting one’s senses? Your primary duty is to become sexuality in motion, all for the entertainment of those around you. You might perform on command for an audience, or you may be assigned to some corner of a room or hallway to provide ambience. You’re going to spend most of your waking hours engaged in some form of dancing even if no one is watching, because we’re going to brainwash you so that all your worries disappear as long as your body is moving. But don’t think that all there is to your job is simply wiggling your tits and ass... well, there is some of that, but there’s so much more. You’ll learn to express eroticism with every movement and nuance, whether your dance is one of raw lust or a subtle tease. The so-called stripper pole you’ll often use will be more than just a prop to lean against. You’ll have to be in peak physical form to make climbing it and spinning in the air look effortless. You’re going to train hours every day to use it properly, until you can turn your dance into a beautifully artistic feat of athleticism and grace that will entrance any who watch you. But that’s not all. Since we want you to be well-rounded and available for a variety of performances, you’ll also learn belly-dancing and even ballroom dances so that you can be a partner for our formal galas. As for your appearance, well, you’re going to be extremely fit in no time, but you may need some assistance in some areas. We may need to give you breast implants, for example, simply to better fit the stereotype you will be inhabiting. To mark you as a dancing slave, you’ll be tattooed with a distinctive tramp stamp, identical to those of all the other dancers. We’ll probably tattoo some of your makeup on, as well, to make getting gussied up easier for you. You’re welcome. Even though some might call you a stripper, you won’t technically be doing any stripping at all because you aren’t allowed to wear clothes. Ever. You’ll dance naked, you’ll sleep naked, you’ll eat naked. It may be embarrassing at first, but you’ll adjust to it in no time. One day you might forget what it felt like to wear clothing. You may be allowed to wear stripper shoes and stiletto boots for certain performances, but most of the time you’ll go around barefoot. Although your life will be dedicated to titillating and stimulating Ladies and Guests, you’ll very seldom actually be used for sex. We have sex slaves for that sort of thing. No, your job is to arouse but not to satisfy. To make things more interesting for you, while we’re brainwashing you to love the dance we’ll turn you into a compulsive masturbator. A dozen times in a day or more will be typical. You just won’t be able to stop yourself once it gets into your head, which will be often. For bedtime, you’ll sleep on a small bed with your knees drawn up, spread, and bound that way to keep your naked crotch exposed all night. You’ll masturbate yourself to sleep every night, though it’s doubtful you’ll finish before you nod off since you’ll be so exhausted after a full day of training and dancing. Now, do you want to give us a taste and show us your best moves? Or do we have to provide you a little motivation with the cane first?
Czego ci brak, a czego masz dość? Może sama śpisz, a może jest ktoś...
Ciężko jest nam w realnym świecie, zostaniemy tu, tak będzie lepiej.
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